Be You But Don’t Spend a Ton

One of the things that makes Wink truly unique is that Wink is a boutique that focuses on affordable fashion. Yeah, ok, that probably sounds like an oxymoron but dig this: if you think that affordable fashion is an oxymoron then you might have been following trends too long and not spending any time setting trends. Do you think those big named boutiques can charge an arm and a leg for their goods just because they say so? Heck no! It’s mostly because people who started the trend got the ball rolling.

So what did they do that was different? Hint: it didn’t start with paying too much for something! It probably started with buying a whole lot of different things that interested them and taking chances and until a few things clicked at a good price. If you are starting to see the light, then you are catching on!

Shhh…Just For You

So, how can you load up on all of the swag gear that you need without breaking the bank? Wink. Why are you doing that…oh yeah? Haha, no I meant use Wink not wink at your computer silly! Wink is one of the most affordable places to get tomorrow’s fashions today at a price that is so yesterday! These deals are special and only to be had by those that know where to look. Only share that knowing Wink with your best friends!

Our Little Secret…Wink Wink

Hey! Psst. Want to save money on fashion without looking like you saved money? Better yet, want to look like you spent a ton on the latest fashions and comfortable clothes without actually breaking the bank? If so, then you need to learn about the Wink. What is the Wink? That’s a good question…

The Wink is a boutique for trend setters that seek fashionable clothes at great prices and have zero tolerance for compromising on quality or comfort. If this sounds like you, then you need to start shopping at Wink. Shopping at Wink is simple, easy, affordable, and a great way to look like you feel on the inside without having to sacrifice anything but being a follower. You’d rather be a trend setter and not a follower anyhow, right?

Secrets of Shipping Charges

Shipping charges can be what really makes a single piece of an outfit cost more than you’d expect. Sure it might start at about $20, but by the time shipping and handling are figured in, you’d be hard pressed to be anywhere near that amount! So, what is the deal with getting big savings on shipping and handling?

The fact is that UPS, Fedex, and even the United States Postal Service have bargain basement shipping offerings for high volume customers. All these customers have to do is generate sufficient volume, and they in turn do that by making offers so great that you cannot refuse them! All you need to do is buy enough product and instant free shipping or extremely discounted shipping upgrade.


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